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Life of Abundance
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Southern Pacific, Costa Rica
Where Paradise Gets Its Name
"What attracted us to invest was the great vision for OMV and the great, safe investment opportunity."
Karen M., Huntington Beach, California

"The thing that caught our eye first is the simple life and just the incredible community OMV has."
Mitch and Mike, Colorado

**Send your "reasons why" here. . .

Here is the original "Request for your Thoughts" email that Jim Gale sent out on Saturday, May 28th. . .

Hi to all shareholders and current and future residents of OMV:

Skip, Duane, Joshua and I have a goal of being sold out of phase one and phase three by the end of the year.
In the last 7+ weeks, we've sold 5 whole villas, 2 lots and 3 shares.  Considering it is May, these are great numbers.  However, we still want to increase the speed at which we sell out OMV.  It is also VERY important that we attract the right people and YOU'LL are the right people so help us by spreading the word to your friends and family.

Also, please send us your thoughts on what attracted you to buy at OMV.  Was it reading about a lifestyle change, the secure investment, living a more simple life, the on-site food production, the business opportunities????
What was the first thing that caught your eye? 
How did you hear about us?  Were you web surfing. . .was it a friend?
What ideas do you have for us?

We are also going to be working on a "PICK YOUR NEIGHBOR" campaign. 
I want to say "Thank You" to all of the folks who've already introduced their friends and family to OMV.  Even though you would do so regardless... we love to pay commission.  Everything client has come from free advertising and word of mouth.

So, ask yourself. "Who would I most like to be neighbors with?"  Tell them about OMV.
We will be happy to do a private webinar for a group of your friends.  Also, we are creating these awesome YouTube Videos (below) for you to send directly to your sphere of influence (friends and family).
If every one of you sends this out to everyone you know... we will be totally sold out of OMV by the end of the year, including phase two and four.

Thanks SO MUCH for your participation.  Your responses and referrals are going to dictate to a large degree how quickly we sell out.


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Jim Gale
Osa Mountain Village
from the U.S. 011 506 8832 4898
"People ask me why we moved to Costa Rica. There was a lot of reasons including economic, health care, and political, but most importantly it was to keep life fresh."
Mitch and Charlene, Osa Mountain Village

"First off, let me say that I was attracted by the acres of land, and self sustaining and community.
I first found you on Craigslist almost in the beginning.  At that time, I was primarily concerned with investments in land in Costa Rica and watched as you guys developed over time.
Paul, Southern California

As far as why I decided on Osa Mountain Village. . .I was looking for 7 years previous. A friend of mine wanted to get into real estate. Then I started looking to live there as things started to change in the USA. I looked all over the country, mostly beach area. I saw your site a week before I came to CR in the north.  It was like, "BAM". . .this is it!  When I saw that security, maintenance and food would all be included  for $150. Hey you can't bet that. Especially with the loss of pensions, S.S., and the stock market crashing every other year now. Well, when I got to CR, I was fine for a few days. Then I was ready to get in a car and come down but couldn't leave my husband. We were suppose to be on our honeymoon and here I am looking for a house I can't live in for the next 10 years. I was on edge the whole time I was on vacation in the north and in the central pacific area. I just knew I was in the wrong spot. So I came home from vacation all hyped up and showed Mary your project and
we bought the place at Osa Mountain Village site unseen.
Stacy & Mary R, Elkton, MD

I knew that Costa Rica would be in my future from the first time I visited in 2000.  A few years later, I heard about this great new development idea.  It was perfect for the lifestyle I was seeking, and also serves as a great investment for me, as I'm not able to spend too much time there just yet.  I hope to live the dream of living in CR for much of the winter, writing music and software. 

When asked, "What was the first thing that caught your eye?". . . 
The Southern Region itself.  It seems that every other person I talk to has been to Costa Rica, but very few know of the South.  I find it far more beautiful and pure.  I tell people stories of surfing by myself, looking at the beach and the land, not seeing a single other human being, home or building.  I later learned to never surf alone!
Nonetheless, it was a great moment.
Justin S., Minneapolis, MN

What attracted our family to OMV is that we were looking for an alternative, healthier way of living, with a community of like-minded individuals who saw the benefits of doing things in a new way.  Also very important to us was access to year-round fresh water and organic food.  With that in mind, I set out to see what I could find on the Net and OMV popped up!   Things happened pretty quickly after that.
Deb W., Whitehorse, Yukon

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What's not to like about anything at Osa Mountain Village.  I haven't even visited yet, but I know that I will be blown
away when I arrive.  I plan on making my reservation this week for December of this year.  I am so sick of politics, national news and bad vibes.  I have to get away from this.  Where are we going to be a year from now?  What a mess here in the USA.
I love your webinars and will be seeing you soon.  What a place you have created.  Thank you so much.
Tom R., Philadelphia, PA


Thank you so much.  I just love all of the plans you have and I am looking forward to volunteering anywhere where I am needed.  Kids and animals are my passion, but I love gardening and anything to do with nature.  I am so excited, I can hardly stand it. 
I love all of the videos on YouTube.  You are such a visionary and I admire and respect you so much.   

By the way, I will always keep extra bread for you.  I am a pretty good cook, too.  :) happy

When we were on our way to the airport in San Jose, we saw a flock of beautiful macaws.  It was so beautiful that it took my breath away. I never thought I would get to heaven before I died.

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.
Betty M., Houston, TX